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How To Stay Safe and Efficient as a 3PL During COVID-19

September 9, 2020 Published by

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Successfully fulfilling orders is hard enough even in the best of conditions, so what do you do to maintain efficiency during a crisis? COVID-19 has flipped the script for businesses around the world, forcing them to adapt quickly. 3PLs in particular will need to continue pivoting as the crisis evolves. Thankfully, steps can be taken to ensure you are operating at full strength – or as close as you can get to it.

Here’s how to stay safe and efficient as a 3PL during COVID-19.

Follow Government Protocols

As we’ve seen in the past few months, the spread of COVID causes government protocols to change quickly. These protocols can impact your operations as you must continuously ensure you are complying. This could mean changing the way workers are physically distributed within your fulfillment center or making sure your employees are following new sanitization procedures.

Change Internal Protocols To Minimize Risks

The CDC provides guidelines that can help ensure the continuity of essential business operations. Both workers and employers can take action and prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

3PLs should take measures more tailored to their own operations. These include:

  • Placing social distancing measurers
  • Avoiding business and leisure trips
  • Ensuring facilities and trucks are cleaned thoroughly
  • Wearing face masks and gloves
  • Stocking up on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Keeping all visitors away from the warehouse
  • Developing a contingency plan to maintain business continuity during crisis

Steps Ecommerce Businesses Can Take To Help 3PLs

While there is much you as a 3PL can do to ensure operations continue successfully, ecommerce businesses can also contribute. Steps 3PL clients can take to help include:

  • Communicating efficiently
  • Making sure customers can receive orders before placing them
  • Avoiding rushing orders (rush orders add more stress and cost to 3PL operations)
  • Carefully controlling inventory levels (make sure that inventory levels can support the needs of the business in the short and long term)

Work Smart

Especially during the COVID crisis, the best strategy to ensure the successful operation of your 3PL service is to work smart. Ensure you are always in compliance with government protocols and keep the safety of your employees a top priority. Adapting your business to change and staying informed will help you navigate the many obstacles the current crisis poses.