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How To Sell Products on Twitter

January 20, 2021 Published by

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Over the years, social media has grown from simply being a place to connect with friends to huge platforms everyone from everyday people to large corporations participate in. Social media sites like Facebook have developed their marketplaces and business features that allow companies to successfully conduct commerce. Although Twitter is not as well known for its business capabilities as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, it is still a great place to build potential leads and create sales.

We’ll show you how to successfully leverage the power of Twitter to sell your products.

Identify Your Niche

Most successful business strategies start with finding your niche – a Twitter sales strategy is no different. As Twitter is a place where so many people with all different kinds of interests and opinions gather, one message will not fit everyone. Instead, it is better to find your niche so you can target specific people instead of reaching everyone in the Twittersphere.

A niche can be just about anything. Whether your business is based on cooking supplies or camping equipment, if there is an audience for your specific line of products, you now have a niche you can market to.

This is where promoting your products becomes important.

Promote Your Products on Twitter

Provided you have already set up a store and listed your products, you can start selling your products. Many ways exist to sell your products on Twitter. The first and most straightforward way is to simply start posting about your products. You can write a post whenever you launch a new product and periodically remind followers about other products you sell. Just remember to include a link to your product page or store in your posts. Put a link to your store in your bio as well.

Another great way to promote your products on Twitter is by using sales and discounts. Promoting a coupon code or discount could increase the amount of traffic and sales that your product gets as people are always looking to save money. Offering upsells once customers get to our online store could also be a great help.

Here are a couple of additional social tactics you should consider as you try to generate leads on Twitter:

Hyperactive Social Listening

In a traditional sales strategy, you usually don’t lead with a pitch. Instead, you take the time to listen to a potential customer’s problem and identify an opportunity for your product to solve it. In social selling, listening is critical. Twitter allows you to listen to many prospects as they collectively share what they’re thinking about.


Once you’ve identified your prospects, you should closely monitor when they tweet. When a tweet from a prospect goes out, you can engage with them by replying with a relevant comment. This type of interaction is better for prospects as it will build a relationship. They will hopefully follow you back, engage with you regularly, and be more open to discuss sales when an opportunity presents itself.

Be Social To Sell

With the advent of social media, many traditional sales tactics have lost their luster. Conversations and relationship building skills have now overtaken cold calling tactics as prospects expect your brand to be strong, active, and responsive on social media. With the tactics we’ve outlined, you can begin to plan out a Twitter sales strategy that will allow you to use the platform’s ability to spark conversations to sell your products.