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How to Reactivate a Customer’s Buying Cycle

January 15, 2014 Published by

If repeat customers are your best customers, then it pays to try and keep them in a consistent buying cycle. If you notice that you have a large amount of customers who have gone months without making a purchase on your ecommerce site, it may be time to initiate a reactivation strategy to influence new purchases from old customers.  [more] Try these reactivation tips to lure your customers back:

Strong Welcome: Reactivation strategies work best if you start early. Once a customer makes their first purchase, follow-up by sending a welcome email and introductory offer to entice them into making a second purchase.

Special Events: Holidays can be great times for reactivation efforts. Not only is it a chance to launch sales and specials on your site, but you can also target customers who tend to purchase from you on a more seasonal basis. If you have the data, remind them of the gifts they bought from your site last year and give them recommendations for new gifts.

Retargeting: If you notice you have customers who have made a purchase, continue to browse your site, but haven’t made any recent purchases, a retargeting/remarketing strategy might be more appropriate. Time-sensitive offers usually work best for inspiring these customers to make a new purchase.