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How to make your Website’s Search Bar Work for You

May 21, 2014 Published by

One of the cornerstones of an ecommerce site with a good user experience is the onsite search bar. If users can’t find what they need through your onsite search, they’re more likely to leave without buying. But, there are even more ways your search bar can help increase purchases. [more]

For example, by mining your site’s search data, you can learn more about what your customers are interested in and the language they use to find it. This can be very helpful in merchandising or measuring changes in the marketplace. For example, you can integrate site search with your email marketing application to promote items that a visitor has searched for previously – making them more likely to purchase, or click-through for more information.

Your onsite search bar can also work toward improving mobile user experience. Navigating an ecommerce site on a mobile device can be a frustrating experience. Since onsite search is one of the fastest ways to connect customers to products, it can be the key to increasing your number of mobile conversions. Make sure that search works as intended, and make it prominently featured on your mobile site.

Don’t forget – your onsite search is a gateway to valuable data you can use for emails, targeted banner ads, and more.