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How to Make Your Subscription Service a Win-Win

September 3, 2014 Published by

Subscription-based ecommerce is a boon for users. Not only do they get the convenience of monthly shipments, but they get a reduced rate as well! Of course, lots of recurring orders are good for your sales projections. With some tweaks to your system, you can spread the love on to the fulfillment side of your business too. [more]

For example, many ecommerce businesses manually handle the creation, billing, and management of subscription accounts. However, you can automate much of the process using the right fulfillment software. By fully automating these recurring orders, you’ll save time and money (just like your customers).

You should also consider the predictability of these recurring orders and use that to your advantage. Since you know about the X amount of guaranteed orders you’ll receive each month, you can pick, pack, and label them ahead of time. This efficiency will free up your order processing resources and potentially cut costs.

And, since the recurring orders have lots of lead time, you can use a slower and cheaper shipping method without sacrificing customer service (so long as you fulfill the item well before the customer is expecting their order). With shipping costs on the rise this can be one of the best advantages to offering order subscriptions to your ecommerce site.