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How to Make Your Service Better and Faster

May 8, 2013 Published by

It’s common knowledge that being able to offer your customers faster, cheaper, and easier shipping is a good way to stand out from your competition. Let’s say you offer so-so shipping options and its working for you right now. But, if you suddenly find your products taking off and a flood of competitors nipping at your market share, what can you do? [more]

In such a scenario, you’re really dealing with two intermingled issues. The increased demand is stretching your inventory management and you’re pressed to offer better and faster shipping. To improve your shipping, you may need to improve your inventory management. For example, by maintaining real-time inventory monitoring, you can then process orders in real-time. This results in customers getting their packages much faster.

Even if your ecommerce site isn’t equipped for that kind of change, Fulfillment Works can help. Using our proprietary API, our programmers can connect your online shopping cart to our warehouse management system to expand the options you have with your inventory. Not only can you monitor inventory in real-time, but you can also perform customizations like kitting and gift wrapping as required.

It’s those kinds of fulfillment services that allow you to seriously grow your ecommerce business. After all, if you have more flexibility and capabilities, then so do your customers.