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How to make the Most of Email Confirmations

July 6, 2016 Published by

Your most frequent outgoing emails are probably order confirmations. Because they give customers an acknowledgement of an order, these emails are as vital to ecommerce as the paper receipt is for brick-and-mortar stores. But even more than that, confirmation emails can be used to build up customer trust and even increase repeat orders. [more]

First off, timing is critical. The longer it takes for a confirmation email to arrive, the stronger a consumer’s belief that their transaction didn’t go through. Ensuring that you have a system in place that sends out a confirmation the instant a “place order” button is clicked is not only good customer service – it also spares you from unnecessary customer service calls and duplicate orders.

Well-timed confirmation emails are important for reassuring customers, and most ecommerce businesses believe that the order confirmation is sufficient. However, you can extend that reassurance with additional follow-ups, including:

  • “Shipment scheduled” emails – gives a general date or time an order will leave the distribution center and be sent to the carrier
  • “Shipment Delivery” emails – alerts a customer to a package delivery
  • Thank You” emails – includes specific information about what the user purchased; welcomes new customers to your site and reminds returning customers of your commitment to service

Additionally, confirmation/transactional emails typically have a high open rate. You can take advantage of this by including discounts for repeat orders, promotional information, or other calls-to-action to increase sales. If you choose to do this however, make sure this marketing content does not exceed 30% of the message so it’s less likely to end up in the spam folder.