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How to Keep Your Product Reviews Authentic

April 5, 2016 Published by

Today’s consumers are savvy enough to research products online before buying them – according to a survey from PowerReviews, about 95% of consumers consult customer reviews while making a purchase decision. By supporting product reviews on your website, you can attract these types of consumers. As an added benefit, well-rated or reviewed products are prime subjects for promotional and marketing materials. [more]

Since reviews are such a great sales-driving tool, it’s tempting to ask around for glowingly positive, but fake reviews. In the long run, fake reviews break down consumer trust and have the potential to tarnish your brand. Instead, you should be reaching out to your customers to curate as many authentic reviews as possible.

There are two main ways you can bolster the credibility of the reviews submitted to your site. First, you should accept negative reviews. Bad reviews can be a good thing! Not only can you use the feedback to improve, but you can also respond to negative reviews and offer to help consumers who were unhappy with a purchase. Even if they do not respond or change their review, other readers will see that you made an effort and are sincere in your customer service.
Second, prevent fake reviews by using verification tools. Depending on what platform you’re using to manage reviews on your site, you may need to adjust how reviews are authenticated. In most cases, a combination of technology and human moderators works best for screening out fake reviews.

To get more reviews for your site, sending follow up emails to customers after they complete a purchase is good way to keep review writing top-of-mind for them. As you collect more and more reviews, make sure you consistently monitor reviews about your site on the web so you can learn from your mistakes and help customers who need it.