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How to Keep Holiday Shoppers Coming Back for More

December 18, 2019 Published by

The time and money it takes to acquire new customers during the holidays can have a greater return on investment if you’re able to convert holiday shoppers into loyal, repeat customers. Stop your ecommerce website from being a “one hit wonder” with these tips on how to keep holidays shoppers coming back for more.

1. Have a Great Selection and Offer Great Products

If your products are great and you “wow” holiday shoppers with the depth of your selection and product offerings, you will get their attention and create a lasting impression. The best way to drive repeat business is to earn it. Be sure your inventory is well stocked prior to the holidays, and merchandise your products online to feature your top wares. If your website visitors find what they’re looking and have a great experience buying from you, you’ll gain a customer for life.

2. Offer Rewards for Repeat Purchasers

Loyalty and rewards clubs aren’t new, but they thrive in the highly competitive ecommerce space because they work. Whether you sell clothing, electronics, beauty products or toys, include membership in your rewards program for all your holiday shoppers and incentivize them to use those rewards in the new year. These kinds of motivations can be as easy as:

  • Offering a free sample or product add-on after the holidays
  • A “buy one, save on another in the future” discount
  • The ability to redeem holiday purchase points toward something new at a pre-determined time in the future when your sales are typically slower

Whatever your approach, encourage your customer to come back by giving them invectives to return.

3. Provide Subscriptions

Some holiday purchases may be splurges–but they don’t have to be. Keep holiday shoppers coming back by helping them create a habit via a subscription to your product with incentives for repeat orders. If you already have a buyer interested in your candles, food, seasonal apparel, or whatever you offer, a subscription is an easy way to keep the sales coming throughout the year.

4. Use Email Re-Marketing

Email is a powerful tool for staying “top of mind” with new customers who don’t know your brand and may have purchased a holiday gift on a whim. Use your email campaigns to show gratitude for their purchases and give them special deals and product recommendations throughout the year, such as birthday greetings or other personalized messaging based on data you’ve collected. Keep your holiday shoppers coming back with messages that deliver right to their inbox new products or offers that will appeal to them.