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How to Increase your Peak Season Performance

March 20, 2013 Published by

Depending on your industry, your ecommerce site can experience ups and downs throughout the year when the demand for your products increases and decreases. When interest in your site is at a peak, it’s time to take advantage of that demand and make as many sales as possible. By tweaking your sales and shipping process, you can boost your bottom line even more during these times.  [more] Experiment with these tips and see which works best for your business model:

Outsourcing Fulfillment Services – a cost-effective way to handle extra volume during the holidays or other peak seasons is to outsource your fulfillment services during those times. For example, by purchasing extra warehouse services, you can expand your capacity for product demand without incurring large fees. This allows you to pass your savings onto customers by…:

Offering Free Shipping – a fairly standard discount for ecommerce site, free or discounted shipping is easy to implement and usually seals the deal for on-the-fence buyers. It also closes the gap between your ecommerce site and the brick-and-mortar equivalent. By offering these types of discounts, it’s possible to increase your sales numbers even more during a peak season. Further, if you are offsetting costs through fulfillment services, you may be able to save even more by opting in for logistics management.

Cross-sell and Up-sell – Your ecommerce site may already be optimized to show customers up-selling and cross-selling options. But if it isn’t, you could be missing out on lots of extra business during a peak season. Make sure that customers are able to see products related to the one they are buying, as well as enhanced models. You can also follow up with customers who visited your site via email marketing.

Every industry is different, but discounts are a universal way to increase sales. By cutting costs with fulfillment outsourcing, you can pass the savings onto your customers, who will buy more often and be more open to cross-selling opportunities.