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How to Improve Your Fulfillment Operations for 2015

February 25, 2015 Published by

Self-improvement is the purpose behind all New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve resolved to have a bigger and better 2015 for your ecommerce business, you’ll need to analyze your current operations for areas in need of improvement. Here are some suggestions for areas of your business you may be overlooking – and how to bolster them for 2015. [more]

Develop trust with your fulfillment provider

Fulfillment services can make a huge impact on customer service and levels of returning customers. A good fulfillment vendor is more than just an extra warehouse or shipping center. Ideally, your logistics provider should understand your business, your brand, and your customers – then make any necessary adjustments to provide top-notch service.

Focus on details

Brick-and-mortar stores focus on hundreds of details to create their customer experience. Think of ways you can use little details to forge a better connection to your customers. Some elements to consider include packaging, branding, inserts, email marketing, and even social media content.

Learn new things about your business

It takes lots of different teams working together to make a successful ecommerce business. Unfortunately, this can result in managers who are out of touch with other elements of the business that could benefit from their expertise and outsider’s perspective. By staying in the loop in all aspects of your business, you can provide better direction and realize the impact each team is making.