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How to Improve your Checkout and Increase Sales

June 17, 2015 Published by

You can’t really control user behavior on your site, but you can influence it through design. With cart abandonment rates at a 68.53% average, you’ll need an exceptionally designed checkout process. If you can incorporate the following features, you’ll be off to a great start. [more]

Optimized Form Fields

Form fields are the core of the checkout process, so they require the most design consideration. From the user’s perspective, the less time and effort they have to spend on filling in form fields, the better. With this in mind, try to have as few form fields as possible. If you need more than four fields, collapse the extra fields under expandable sections. Nothing makes a user abandon a cart faster that landing on a checkout page with a wall of blank form fields staring back at them. The address section has the most fields, so make sure it utilizes an autofill feature to speed up the checkout (and reduce shipping errors).

Automated Error Handling

When a user finishes filling out all the necessary forms, they expect to move to the next stage of the checkout. When that expectation is subverted by error messages for incorrect form fields, the user gets frustrated – and many just abandon their cart. If you can automate error messages so they appear dynamically as each form field is filled out, you can avoid customer frustration and cart abandonment.

Responsive Design

Customers are using mobile devices more than ever before. If your checkout process is ugly or cumbersome on mobile devices, then your cart abandonment rate will likely increase. A responsive design that works on all screen sizes can solve this issue.