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How to get your Latest Deals to Appear in Google

December 1, 2021 Published by

A promotional sale is a good way to get a lot of orders in a short amount of time. And if you have an ecommerce store, you know how important it is to be found in Google search results. To help your sales events be as effective as possible, here are our tips to help you get your sales featured on Google.

Unfortunately, Google isn’t able to figure out that you’re having a sale event by scanning the promotional banner you added to your homepage or by seeing the price reductions on your product pages. You need to create a dedicated page on your site for the sale event. When done properly, this page can help you get featured in either Google’s new “Deals related to your search” section under the Shopping tab, or in the “Deals” carousel that appears during major retail sales events, such as Cyber Monday or Labor Day. To improve your chances of being featured, make sure the landing page for your sales event follows these best practices.

  • Make sure to create the page well before the sale so Google has time to discover and index the page.
  • Link to the sale’s landing page from your home page to help Google (and potential customers) find the landing page quicker.
  • For recurring sales, update the page with new information whenever you are bringing the promotion back – don’t create a new URL for each occurrence of the event. You should also name the URL so it’s descriptive of the event, but still reusable year-to-year (for example, use /sale/winter-holiday, not /sale/2022/winter-holiday).

What to include on the page

Use a succinct, yet descriptive, page title. For example: “Memorial Day 2022 Deals.” Keep in mind that the page title is often the text Google will show users on the search results page.

Write out the details for the event in body content of the page. This can help Google identify the page as relevant to the Deals section – and it’s also useful information for shoppers. If you want to wait to reveal sales details until the day of the event, include general information about the event in advance so Google can understand that the page is relevant and index it before the event starts. You can actually ask Google to recrawl your page after you update it to increase the likelihood that your new information gets in the Deals section while the event is live.

Finally, include a relevant, high-quality image that will help shoppers understand your offering. Any text in the image should be reflected in the textual content on the page and in its alt text attribute. To minimize cropping in the Deals carousel, keep the image’s aspect ratio between 4:3 and 3:4.

Following these guidelines will increase the chances that your sale will be featured for relevant searches in Google. As an extra step, you can also register your promotions in Google Merchant Center to help your deals appear in more places on Google.