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How to Collect Feedback for a Better Shopping Experience

October 15, 2014 Published by

As we’ve covered before, the user experience of your ecommerce site can be one of the most important keys to its success. While you may be able to find some design flaws or suboptimal processes on your own, sometimes it’s better to get a different set of eyes to give you feedback. And who better than your customers? By implementing some of the below features, you can encourage your customers to leave constructive criticism that you can use to improve your ecommerce site.  [more]

Multiple Choice Polls

These can be a great way to collect feedback on specific features of your site. And since they require minimum effort on behalf of users, multiple choice polls are likely to collect responses quickly. Just remember to embrace criticism and include negative answers among your poll choices.

Open Answer Polls

Similar to multiple choice polls, but users can write-in a custom answer. They require more effort and time from users, but they are excellent at collecting unfiltered and highly specific feedback about the poll question.

Feedback Button

A static feedback button across your entire website allows your customers to leave any type of feedback at any time. Ideally, your feedback system should be set up to create an alert in your customer service system so a representative can follow up with the customer.

Customer Chat

If you have the resources to monitor chat, it can be an excellent feedback collection tool for your website. Not only does it show your customers that you’re actively listening to them, but in some cases, it could keep a customer from abandoning their cart.