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How to Avoid “Over-Marketing”

July 1, 2015 Published by

Automated emails are a great way to keep your customers in the loop on their shopping activity and your promotions. [more] There are many variations that an ecommerce retailer can potentially use:

  • New customer “Welcome” emails
  • Product page abandonment reminder
  • Shopping cart reminder
  • Product review request
  • Purchase “Thank You” email
  • Order shipment confirmation
  • Regular promotional emails

But if you overdo it, it doesn’t matter how well-designed or written your emails are, your customers will get irritated and may disengage. With some customer behavior analysis and trigger adjustments, you can keep your automated emails on the good side of your customers.
For example, if a customer has recently completed a purchase, it may be a good idea to put a freeze on “reminder” emails for that customer. Check the performance data to see if customers who have made a recent purchase bother responding to these emails. Otherwise, you may be pestering a customer who’s already given you what you wanted – a purchase.
Also, you should set limits on the number of automated emails a customer can generate within a period of time so shoppers will not be bombarded with constant reminders. You can also try consolidating emails for high-activity users. For example, instead of sending a reminder email every time a customer looks at a product page without completing a purchase, consolidate a week’s worth of browsed products into a single email.
Lastly, be mindful of your promotional emails overlapping your automated ones. If too many land in a user’s inbox at once, it can leave a bad impression. The key is to maintain a balanced level of engagement with your customers without overwhelming them.