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How Much Checkout Friction on is on Your Site?

June 15, 2016 Published by

User experience continues to be a critical factor in cart abandonment rates. From finding your site to placing an order, points in the customer’s journey that cause confusion, reduce buyer confidence, hamper convenience, or otherwise create friction can build up and result in an abandoned cart. [more]

By smoothing over these points of friction, you can make the purchase process easier and more enjoyable for your customers – potentially increasing order numbers and brand reputation. But before you can create a strategy for addressing these areas, you need to know what to look for. Some common customer friction to look for on your site include:

Too many checkout steps or form fields – From the user’s perspective, the less time and effort they have to spend on filling in form fields, the better. With this in mind, try to have as few form fields as possible. If your ecommerce site requires account creation to complete a purchase, you may want to consider offering Guest Checkout.

Not offering free shipping or coupons – The internet makes finding a deal easier than ever before. With new customers especially, not offering any deals can prompt them to look elsewhere.

Consumer confidence – ecommerce fraud is on the rise, making more and more consumers concerned about the security of their account info. A lack of official security badges and privacy statements can create a lack of consumer confidence.

Payment issues – depending on your customer demographics and where you ship your products, friction points associated with payment issues can vary widely, but here are some common examples:

If you look at your ecommerce site from a customer’s point of view, you may be able to detect even more points of friction. By first identifying these areas you’ll be better equipped to create a strategy to fix them.