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Fulfillment Works at the 2013 Operations Summit Conference

March 27, 2013 Published by

The 2013 Operations Summit in Columbus, Ohio is set to take place from April 23-25. To lend her expertise on ecommerce and fulfillment operations, Fulfillment Works CEO and Founder Amy J. Cooper has been selected as a panelist for the “2013 Executive Forum: A Peer to Peer Idea Exchange.” [more]

The Operations Summit is the only conference exclusively about ecommerce, catalog operations, and fulfillment services. As ecommerce transactions continue to skyrocket, industry trends and developments are constantly being examined. As such, the Operations Summit is an excellent way to plug-in to this industry and learn new paths of advancement.

The Executive Forum specifically examines how companies stay competitive and respond to continual operational challenges. It serves as an engaging discussion among top executives about navigating common issues, such as

  • Achieving a balance with marketing on free shipping strategies
  • Building a multi-DC fulfillment model to reduce shipping costs and provide a high level of service
  • Reducing LTL/TL, UPS, and FedEx freight costs
  • Reviewing the best expense saving ideas in the industry
  • Better utilization of your ERP, OMS and WMS
  • Working to increase productivity in your operations
  • Best practices that you can implement to improve your supply chain
  • Operating efficiently in multiple selling channels (direct, wholesale, brick & mortar stores)

Most of Amy Cooper’s responsibilities as the CEO of Fulfillment Works deal with the challenges of client management, lead generation, and corporate marketing on a daily basis – an excellent compliment to the topics in the forum. You can learn more about the Operations Summit by visiting their website.