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Fulfillment Works and Community Donate Supplies to Tornado Victims

June 19, 2013 Published by

In the past year, those of us living in the Northeast have lived through Hurricane Sandy, the tragedy at Sandy Hook, and the Boston Bombing. The entire country showed us their support during our tough times and now it’s time to pay it back. [more]

Pallets of donations awaiting delivery to Moore, OK.

More recently, our friends and family in the Midwest are recovering from one of the most powerful tornadoes on record. At Fulfillment Works, our mission is to maintain exemplary corporate citizenship and ethical business practices within our community. That’s why we – with tons of help from the local community – donated a truck and loaded it with supplies and donations to aid the tornado victims in Moore, OK last May.

We at Fulfillment Works want to thank everyone involved for selflessly giving back to another area of our nation who needs it. As the local news coverage showed, the outpouring of support from our family, our friends, and the community was truly amazing! Thank you again to everyone who participated and donated.