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Free-Shipping Strategies and Tips

March 4, 2015 Published by

Free shipping is a sure-fire way to knock a customer off the fence and into the checkout process. Of course, such an offer is not without its costs. That’s why when you decide to run a free shipping promotion, you need to make it count. Here are some smart ways to approach your next free shipping promotion to maximize ROI. [more]

Put the cost into perspective

Free shipping has its cost, but then again, so does new customer acquisition. Depending on your products and fulfillment provider, chances are that free shipping is cheaper. With that in mind, free shipping becomes a powerful customer acquisition tool. Consider whether it would be beneficial to your business to offer free shipping with minimal restrictions to all new customers, rather than new free shipping promotions throughout the year.

Prepare for every promotion

A free shipping promotion will bring in lots of orders, new customers, and data. If you want to implement the promotion effectively, you’ll need to be prepared. Give your fulfillment team an estimation of expected sales, make sure your customer service team is ready to provide assistance, and that your marketing/advertising team is getting the word out.

Try new ideas

If you need inspiration, look to your competition. Are there ways you can match, or improve upon, their offers? Try out different kinds of shipping offers until you can find which ones are most effective for your business.