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Fix Your Return Policy – Get Return Customers

April 17, 2013 Published by

Many customers claim that complications with return policies make them disinterested from shopping online. If you can streamline your return process into something hassle-free for customers – you can use that as a selling point to increase your sales. [more]

First and foremost, your return policy should be easy to find and easy to understand. Make sure you have a link to the return policy available during the checkout process and also include one with every order you ship. When writing the policy, consult with your inventory manager about which steps and processes will work best for both of you. To make the return policy easy to understand, try to avoid “legal speak” and spell out exactly what you want your customer to do to reduce the chance of errors or delays. If you want to make your return policy into a selling feature, the most sure-fire way to do so is to not charge your customers for it.

As for actually handling returns, that depends on the item and the condition it’s in. If the item comes back in the same condition that you shipped it in, have it sent back to your inventory warehouse and restock it. If not, you may want the item shipped to your office for a restocking evaluation.

If you can use a return policy that puts customer convenience first, you’re more likely to get return customers.