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Email Metrics you should be Tracking

October 14, 2015 Published by

The data analytics behind emails can teach you a lot about your customers and their behavior. The data you can glean from email marketing can help you diversify your efforts, identify weak points, and improve the effectiveness of campaigns. As you prepare your email campaigns for the holiday season, make sure you’re tracking the following metrics. [more]

Conversion rate

Some may consider this metric more important than the click-through rate because it tracks how many users actually completed the action from the email. If the number is lower than you anticipated, you may need to adjust your messaging or other elements of the campaign. A high click-through rate with a low conversion rate could indicate problems with your site design or shopping cart.

Spam rate

The number of users who flag your message as spam should be kept under 0.2%. If this metric is too high, make sure your unsubscribe button is easily found in your messages, or try sending fewer messages.

Growth/loss rates

As you clean up your email list, it shrinks. However, you are hopefully adding new subscribers often. Keeping track of these metrics will let you know when it’s time to start a campaign to encourage new subscribers.
There are many more metrics you can track, depending on your needs. Once you spend some time studying your metrics, you’ll begin to see areas you need to address in order to make your campaigns more engaging and successful.