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Email Messaging Tips

September 30, 2015 Published by

Email marketing is a mainstay strategy for many ecommerce businesses. Many sites have managed to use the power of email to build up a strong reputation and increase the number of customers that are engaged in the brand. The key to success with email marketing is to adjust your message accordingly. Here are some messaging tips to keep in mind when you write your next email to customers. [more]


Sometimes a personal touch, however small, is the most effective. Using a small A/B test, MarketingSherpa found that personal touches resulted in a 137.4% higher open rate and a 128.9% higher click-through rate. Even if you’re limited in customizing emails for your customers, you can at least change your template the same way MarketingSherpa did:

  • Personalized with full name
  • Comes from an actual person (“From:” field uses a name)
  • Signed by an actual person
  • Template is more straightforward, looking more like a personal letter


Some marketing emails forget to include a call-to-action entirely, and some include multiple CTAs. Ideally, every email you send should prompt recipients to take one specific action. Failing to include a CTA is a missed opportunity. However, you don’t want multiple CTAs competing with each other for the attention of a recipient with limited time.

Landing Page

Don’t forget – the landing page you’re sending users to via email is really the second-half of your message. Keep an eye on data metrics for both the email and the landing page. If your emails are being opened, but you notice a high bounce rate for the landing page, there could be something wrong with the page design or content.