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Effective Upselling Strategies for Ecommerce

May 15, 2015 Published by

As you may know, retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. That’s why upsells are important – they increase customer satisfaction with the purchase, while increasing your revenue.
But, there is a fine line between being helpful, and annoying solicitation. Upselling in ecommerce is harder because you don’t know a customer’s needs and attitude, so you can’t customize your upsell. And of course, it doesn’t take much at all for a customer to abandon a cart, and intrusive upsells can do this. Use these tips to refine how your ecommerce site offers upsells. [more]

Upsell after checkout

Cart abandonment is a common problem that many ecommerce businesses face – which is why the checkout process needs to be as seamless as possible. If customers are distracted from completing the transaction, they may not complete it at all. So, wait until after checkout to present upsells.

Keep upsells simple

If you’re waiting until after checkout to offer upsells to customers, then your database already has all of the customer’s order info while they are looking over the upsell offers. From there, customers should be able to execute upsells with only one click. If they have to go through the entire checkout process again to add something to their order, they won’t bother. Just like your checkout process, upsells should be simple and seamless.

Upsell products that make sense

Upsells should be based on items that a customer purchased. Otherwise, they’re just untargeted ads that won’t do much good. Make sure that you are using personalization algorithms to offer upsells based on items that customers have just purchased, or purchased over time. If customer data is unavailable, the next best thing is to offer upsells based on seasonality, since seasonal items are more likely to have universal appeal.

Consider promotional pricing

If you really want to move your upsells, offer promotional pricing. This creates a sense of urgency that keeps customers from putting off (and potentially forgetting about) the additional purchase.