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Ecommerce Order Tracking: What It Is, And Why It’s Important

March 31, 2021 Published by

stages of order tracking on ipad

Creating a great customer experience is key to the success of any ecommerce business. Why? Not only does it enhance your brand image, but it also might make your customers eager to spend more on your products.

For starters,  4 in 10 consumers are willing to pay more for greater convenience, according to research from PWC.

Investing in order fulfillment is one of the best ways to start building a better experience for your shoppers. Among the improvements you could make to your fulfillment process, creating an order tracking system could greatly benefit your customer experience.

Read on to learn more about what order tracking is and why it’s so important.

What Is Order Tracking?

Order tracking is a system that allows you to monitor all your online orders and report their status to your customers at any time. This system includes estimated delivery dates, shipment tracking, and frequent updates on an order’s location.

The Order Tracking Process

Order tracking can be a satisfying experience for many customers. If they are eager or anxious about when their purchase will arrive, then tracking will help keep them informed and ease their stress about where their order may be.

The order status reported to customers is typically divided into five stages:

  1. Order Received
  2. In-Progress
  3. Shipped
  4. Delivered
  5. Complete

This process can vary depending on the business and the store owner’s preferences.

The Benefits of Order Tracking

Order tracking is beneficial to buyers and sellers alike. Here are some reasons to use it for both parties:

Top Reasons to Use Order Tracking as a Seller 

  1. Cuts down on customer support costs as team members don’t have to answer as many calls about order status
  2. Helps build trust in your business
  3. Keeps you informed with your customers’ current order status
  4. Helps in meeting your customers’ expectations

Top Reasons to Use Order Tracking as a Buyer

  1. Removes ambiguity about the expected delivery date
  2. Gives assurance and satisfaction
  3. Removes much of the need to call and wait for responses about order status from the customer support team
  4. Makes it easy to track and manage order status 

Order Tracking Makes Everything Easier

Order tracking makes the fulfillment process easier for you and your customers. It will help you to keep track of any issues your orders are running into and help you gain your customer’s trust. This will all eventually lead to a better relationship with shoppers, encouraging them to spend more on your business.

If you need order tracking and help with your fulfillment, consider using a 3PL like Fulfillment Works. Our tracking system assists many businesses in managing and keeping an eye on their orders throughout their order fulfillment process.