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Ecommerce Growing Pains: Is it Time for a Fulfillment Company?

May 22, 2013 Published by

Your business was initially simple, with warehousing, marketing and fulfillment all being done out of the same building – and maybe even by the same person. But over time, you’ve grown. Your warehouse is at capacity and you can’t keep up with fulfillment. Does this sound familiar? You may be suffering from ecommerce growing pains. [more]

Many successful ecommerce companies have reached similar tipping points. For them, the key to successful growth has been knowing when, and what, to outsource.
By starting with fulfillment and warehousing, ecommerce companies are able to lighten their loads so that they can focus on what they do best – marketing, customer service and procurement.

What Fulfillment Means

Fulfillment is a turnkey service that can be as simple as shipping and receiving, or as complex as real-time inventory management, kit assembly and/or logistics management. Because no two companies are alike, fulfillment works best when it’s customized to a company’s unique needs.

What Fulfillment Doesn’t Mean

Businesses new to fulfillment outsourcing are naturally squeamish about separating themselves from the fulfillment process. That’s why the best fulfillment companies employ customized reporting, shipping and tracking systems. The idea is that, while you may be geographically far from your inventory and fulfillment process, the data you need to run your business smoothly is always close at hand.

If you’re thinking about outsourcing the fulfillment process, let us guide you as to what to look for in a fulfillment company. Contact us today.