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Easy Ways to Save on Fulfillment Costs

July 23, 2014 Published by

Order fulfillment has a lot of moving parts that can add up to a major expense if they are not handled with a strategic focus. The key concepts for seamless and cost-effective ecommerce fulfillment are organization and efficiency. With those in mind, here are some simple improvements you can make to your fulfillment process to save on costs. [more]

Creative Kitting – Not only can kitting help you give customers creative and interesting products, but it can also save you on shipping costs via economies of scale. When you have items you can expect to be purchased all together, kitting can increase the speed and processing of the order – reducing your per-unit cost.

Optimized Packaging – You can drive down your packaging costs by eliminating unnecessary dimensional space and excess dunnage. Examine your typical order sizes and order packaging assortments that suit them. Depending on your needs, custom packaging and kitting may be the best solution.

Outsourcing – Since order fulfillment is such an important part of ecommerce, managing it properly can take a lot of time and resources. By outsourcing the process, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best – marketing, customer service and procurement.