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Easy Tips for Better Product Fulfillment

November 27, 2013 Published by

Customer service doesn’t end after a customer places an order on your site and logs off. Rather, it’s just beginning! Product fulfillment is more than just delivering packages – it’s a chance exceed a customer’s expectations and create (or increase) brand loyalty. Take it from us: there are lots of ways you can work with your fulfillment company to make sure your customers get even more excited when a package arrives at their doorstep. [more] Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

Strive for order accuracy – Customers expect to get the items they ordered. Probably the fastest way to get on a customer’s bad side is to mess up their order. Using the right fulfillment management system can give you full control over your incoming orders. Outside of that, you should make sure your fulfillment process has multiple checkpoints so orders are checked and re-checked for accuracy. If there is ever an error, your return process is your chance to save your reputation. Optimize your return policy to turn customer disappointment back into delight.

Make delivery memorable – Put thought and care into packaging and presentation to get customers excited about an incoming order and help them really remember who sent it. For inspiration, try to imagine how you’d like your product to look on a store shelf, then get as close to that as you can.

Delight with Add-Ons – When a customer is opening up a package from you, they’re more receptive to learning about your company and what you have to offer. Include free samples, offers based on buying history, or marketing inserts with orders to grow your base of repeat customers. Consider new kitting ideas to make add-ons as streamlined as possible.