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Driving Traffic with Optimized Images

June 12, 2013 Published by

For ecommerce sites, the value of image collateral can not be understated. When users browse your website, product images help them make purchasing decisions. However, the product images on your site have even greater sales driving potential than that. [more]

Most users begin their shopping experience by searching online. If you optimize your images for search, users will be more likely to find them and be directed to your website – and potentially your checkout page. Although your ecommerce site could have hundreds or thousands of images, the traffic results from optimizing your images can be worth the effort.

The two most important parts of an image that is optimized for search are the file name and the alt tag – which is metadata that provides a description of the image. For both of these, you should give an accurate 3-5 word description of the image. For example, instead of a file name like “DSC_047365.jpg,” use a phrase that describes the image, like “mens-brown-trench-coat.jpg” for a picture of a trench coat. In most cases, the alt tag can share the same phrase that the file name is using. But, it’s also a chance to use an equally accurate description, like “brown trench coat by Ralph Lauren.”

If your images are properly labeled as above, users who are interested in those products will have an easier time of finding via their preferred search engine. Keep this in mind as you add new products and images to your ecommerce website.