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Design Goals for Ecommerce Mobile Apps

January 2, 2014 Published by

Mobile ecommerce’s steady growth rate represents a prime market for those sites that are able to cater to customers coming from a mobile device. A great way to expand your base of mobile customers is to develop a mobile app. But without the right design considerations, your mobile app might be a flop. When developing a mobile app for your ecommerce site try to remember these strategies. [more]

Streamline for Usability: One of the things that makes mobile so appealing is speed. When a user thinks of a gift idea or has a question about a product, they can use a mobile device to jump on the net for answers immediately – regardless of location. The last thing you want is for your app to kill that momentum. The slower your app runs, the less likely users are to complete a purchase. Optimize the app’s presentation of your website and try to make your mobile checkout process as simple as possible.

Be Different: If your app’s only functionality is to act as a portal to your main site, it’s not going to be very useful. Make using your app and visiting your ecommerce site distinct experiences. Try offering users consistent deal alerts, content, or rewards that are only available through your app. This can increase your number of early adopters and encourage them to continue using the app.

Manage Marketing and Support: Once your app is developed, promote it on social media and on your website. Once the number of users begins to increase, you’ll need to make sure your mobile support is up-to-task. This ensures that you’ll be able to help customers and use their feedback to improve the app. As an added bonus, a well-maintained support center for your app will lessen the amount of negative reviews or bad press that the app might get. And of course, you’ll also maintain your website’s reputation for stellar customer support.