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Design Basics for Mobile Ecommerce

August 13, 2014 Published by

Ecommerce purchases coming from mobile devices are increasing every day. However, mobile consumers can be even more fickle than your regular users, and with good reason – mobile web browsing is often a cumbersome experience. This is especially the case for websites that are not designed for mobile devices. To keep mobile customers from bouncing off of your site or abandoning their carts, make sure that your website abides by these design guidelines for mobile websites. [more]

Keep it simple: Ideally, the conversion paths on your mobile site should be as short as possible. People love mobile devices because of their convenience, so as a general rule of thumb – the fewer steps it takes to buy something online, the higher the chance of conversion from mobile users.

Make it fast: Similar to the issue of convenience above, speed is of utmost importance to mobile users. According to researchers from the Aberdeen Group, a 1-second delay in mobile page load time equals a 7% loss in conversions. There are lots of coded elements on your site that can be tweaked to adjust loading speed. Meet with your site’s developer to review your options for increasing the speed of your site, and you’ll be better equipped to serve mobile customers.

Pay attention to site search: Site search is one of the main tools customers use to get around your site. If users can’t find what they need through your onsite search, they’re more likely to leave without buying. Analyze what terms customers are using your site search for, look for common typos and make sure consumers are directed to the intended pages or products.