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Deal Ideas from Around the Web

August 5, 2015 Published by

If you find your ecommerce sales dragging, a new promotion or program is a great way to get your products moving again or stand out from the competition. To come up with a promotion that works for your situation, you should consider the makeup of your customer base, your products, and the logistics of your company. To help you come up with a great promotion, let’s look at some unique programs from a few well-known e-tailers. [more]


This site specializes in nutritional supplements. They are able to offer a very wide selection of products, but they are nearly all packaged the same way – in small bottles. From a product fulfillment perspective, they are well-suited to offer flat-rate shipping because the dimensional weight is so easy to predict. Whether a user places an order for 1 or 15 different bottles, it all fits in the same size box. Do any of your product lines have that same kind of predictability, allowing you to offer flat-rate shipping?


This website also sells nutritional supplements, but focuses on the fitness and exercise niche – which is made up of products that command a higher price point than your typical herbs or vitamins. Even a small purchase – like a jug of protein powder and a pre-workout supplement – can easily reach $50. In this product space, that’s a big commitment to ask from customers. What if they don’t like the taste, the product doesn’t give them the results they expect, or they decide to quit exercising? For all purchases greater than $75, customers can select a free gift at checkout. Gifts are sorted into tiers with required order amounts of $75, $100, and $150. This has a twofold effect: new customers feel better about committing to their purchase, and returning customers are convinced to increase their orders for better gifts. Do your product margins give you the flexibility to give your big-spending customers free gifts on a regular basis?


This division of Amazon.com specializes in discounted designer clothes – an ecommerce niche notorious for high return rates. Luckily, they use a customer-friendly returns process to keep users satisfied. There is $3.99 flat-rate shipping for all orders (free shipping for orders more than $99), and all products are sent in re-sealable packages that include a return packing slip. If a customer isn’t satisfied with a purchase for any reason, they just put it back in the package, affix the return label, reseal, and send. Are there ways you can simplify your returns process for the benefit of customers?