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Customer Follow Up, Part 1: Using Custom Email to Stay Connected

October 9, 2013 Published by

Relationships form the heart of the traditional business world. Customer engagement and follow-up contact is one of the keys to success in the online retail space. You may think that your product catalogs and newsletters do the job of following up with your customers, but remember: selling language isn’t always effective. Sometimes a personal touch, however small, is the most effective. [more]

For this blog post, we’ll go over some ideas you can use in customized emails to touch base with customers who patronize your ecommerce store.

Say Thank You – Sending a thank you email with specific information about what the user purchased welcomes new customers to your site and is a welcome reminder of your expert service to returning customers. To encourage repeat business, offer a coupon or shipping discount on their next order. Consider also sending thank you emails/discounts when customers complete other actions on your website, like signing up for your newsletter.

Personal Milestones – First-time purchase anniversaries, subscriber/membership anniversaries, or other events are all great reasons to celebrate with your customers. Email acknowledgments of these milestones can be a welcome surprise to their inboxes. In addition to a commemorative discount, consider using further customization/personalization in your email by including recently browsed items, wish lists, or recommendations based on previous purchases. Remember to emphasize how much you appreciate them choosing your site.

Product Review Requests – Show customers that their input is valuable by sending customized follow up emails after purchases offering them a deal (coupon code, percentage off, etc.) in exchange for product reviews. Be sure to make it very easy by including the product in question and a direct link to where / how to fill out and create the review to take the guesswork out of it and make it easy. Not only will you gain valuable insight about your product offerings, but you’ll strengthen the bond with your customers, increase the content of your website, and improve the likelihood of selling more of each product as a result of others reading and learning from the reviews.

Stayed tuned for part 2 where will explore some ideas that work better for B2B companies with customers who have more of an “account” relationship, as opposed to one-off purchases.