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Customer Engagement and Amazon Collections

December 26, 2013 Published by

Earlier this year, Amazon.com launched Amazon Collections – which allows users to showcase their favorite Amazon products under categories like My Style, Possibilities and Want List. This site feature is very similar to Pinterest, but restricted to Amazon-only products and with a different look and feel. [more]

The new feature is an excellent, albeit ambitious, example of an ecommerce site engaging with its customers. It accomplishes multiple things:

  • Amazon has another avenue to measure the popularity of different products. Unlike sales data, Amazon can use the popularity of Collections to predict trends; useful for the holiday season.
  • Since users are grouping the products into collections, Amazon may be better able to make well-matched product recommendations; useful for marketing emails.
  • The community aspect of the site gets users to engage with the brand, visit the site more often, and stay on the site longer.

Does your ecommerce site just sell things to customers, or does it engage them? An entirely new site functionality may be out of scope for some of our readers, but something like Amazon Collections is pretty inspirational. If you can’t create a community on your site, social media can be just as good. With a new year coming up soon, it may be worthwhile to devise a plan to start a conversation with your customers and keep it going.