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Considerations for Implementing Alternative Payments

April 9, 2014 Published by

As we discussed in a previous blog post, there are good reasons for having alternative payment methods on your site. However, just as with any other change you would make to your site, there are some considerations you should take into account in order to make your alternative payment offerings more effective. [more]

For example, which types of alternative payments will you offer? Many alternative payment services are free, but some require transaction or subscription fees – so choose ones that you’ll feel comfortable processing payments for. Additionally, you should ask your customers which alternative payments they would like to see on your site so you can cater your offerings to them.
With that in mind, you may want to limit how many alternative payment methods you offer on your site. Processing fees can add up, and multiple checkout buttons can create too many calls-to-action, resulting in customer confusion.

Lastly, test your implementation of alternative payments to make sure they work smoothly. If your checkout process becomes messy, you won’t be reaping any of the benefits of alternative payments.