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Checkout Your Checkout

April 3, 2013 Published by

Here’s an activity you can use to improve your ecommerce website. Go and buy something from yourself – right now. Come back to this article when you’ve finished. [more]

So, what did you think of the checkout process? As you may know, the checkout pages are where ecommerce customers tend to bounce the most. It boils down to how the website has structured the checkout process. If you found that buying something from yourself was a pain in the neck, you should rethink your website’s checkout process.

A common misconception is that the number of steps determines whether or not the checkout process is providing a good user experience. Whether you have several short steps or a couple large ones, the number of steps doesn’t matter as much as what customers have to do at each step. For example, did you have to provide the same information more than once (e.g. when shipping and billing information were the same)? Or worse, do you make customers stop the checkout process and create an account to continue?

There are no tried and true “best practices” for the checkout process, and it can be difficult to code on your website. But if you take the time to make your checkout as fast and painless as possible, you’ll have a leg up over your competition.