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Checkout Process Design Checklist

December 9, 2015 Published by

Every design aspect of your ecommerce site is important, but the checkout page is particularly so. On average, more than 60% of users terminate their shopping session on the checkout page. To keep your cart abandonment rate as low as possible, make sure your checkout is designed with this checklist in mind [more]:

  • Make checkout simple: First and foremost, make your checkout process easy to complete. User confusion leads to frustration, and frustration leads to abandonment – so keep the checkout design as clear as possible and add features that help users along where possible, such as auto-fill fields or a step indicator for multistep checkout processes.
  • Include prominent support options: Every action in the checkout should be easy to find – especially support options like FAQs, live chat, and other customer service features. Make sure they are clearly available during each stage of checkout.
  • Accommodate returning users, as well as guests: Generally, it’s best to avoid forcing new customers to create an account in order to checkout. Most customers see forced account creation as an inconvenience. The process can also affect customer trust: they assume that by submitting their information, they’re agreeing to receive spam and unwanted advertising.
  • Validate coupon codes at the beginning: Shoppers become understandably frustrated when they get deep into the checkout process only to find that their discount code doesn’t apply to their order.
  • Include options to modify orders: make sure customers can change the quantity, color, size, and other attributes of the items in their order without having to leave the checkout.
  • Follow up with remarketing: With a good remarketing strategy, users who abandon their carts will see you again and again through web advertisements specifically targeted to them and the products they showed an interest in. You can make a retargeting campaign even more effective by combining it with email marketing and coupons.