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Cart Optimization and Improvement Ideas

January 21, 2015 Published by

Many ecommerce retailers subscribe to the idea that their checkout process is merely a necessary function of their website. But, when you consider that countless purchases are abandoned during the checkout phase, it becomes clear that your checkout process is one of your most important conversion tools. [more]

If so many users decide to complete a purchase based on the checkout process, then your checkout needs to be as user friendly as possible. Here are some tips for improving your checkout that may decrease cart abandonment.

Guest Checkout

Many websites advertise their account creation and checkout process as “quick and easy.” But when compared to the rest of the Internet, the process is annoying and unnecessary. That’s not to say account creations are totally inconvenient or useless – but you should give customers the option of account creation, not force it. Enabling guest checkout for your website can get you the business of customers who are in a hurry.

Express Checkout

Express checkout options like Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, PayPal, and others, are catching on with e-tailers, and with good reason. These services offer users speed and security with their online purchases. Because they simplify the checkout process, users are more likely to complete their purchase if they are implemented.

Cart Monitoring

This feature is not one that users will be looking for on your site, but it can be a great tool for recovering abandoned carts and closing sales. If your cart supports monitoring, it can automatically take action to recover users who abandon the checkout process through email reminders, coupons, remarketing, etc. A discount or reminder may be just the thing to get a new customer off of the fence and back into the checkout process.