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Appeasing Mobile Shoppers

December 18, 2013 Published by

The experience of using a mobile device vs. a traditional PC is very different for the Internet consumer. Even though they have the same functionality (browsing the web), most ecommerce sites report very low mobile conversions. According to a recent Forrester Research survey report, only 13% surveyed said they used a smartphone or tablet to actually purchase a product. [more]

If both avenues provide the same functions of browsing products and completing purchases, then why are mobile conversions so low? Visit your own ecommerce mobile site and see for yourself. Unless you’ve spent a lot of time fine-tuning your mobile site’s design, the experience is likely a frustrating one.

By designing your mobile site in favor of mobile-centric capabilities, you can increase the chance of getting more mobile conversions. Take advantage of GPS location services, tap-to-call functions, and app development. The areas where you’ll need to improve will be unique you – so test your site thoroughly and survey your customers for ideas for streamlining your mobile site.