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Achieving Lasting Growth in Ecommerce

January 11, 2017 Published by

Scores of entrepreneurs and new companies are entering the ecommerce industry every day. And with U.S. ecommerce sales predicted to surpass $480 billion by 2018, it’s easy to understand why so many brands are eager to start growing their ecommerce offerings. Breaking in to the biz can be easy, but success requires careful planning and strategy. To ensure growth and long-term success for your ecommerce company, focus on the development of these areas.

Production Scaling

Ecommerce has limitless options – if you can ship it, you can sell it online. However, the sheer variety of opportunities to offer new types of products can make it challenging to effectively scale your production. Go slow, and listen to your customers. Use sales data on past purchasing trends to guide upcoming production priorities, and if necessary, get help with inventory management early in the planning process.

Fulfillment Operations

Order fulfillment is a critical part of providing a good customer experience. If you opt to keep your fulfillment operations in-house, consider how you can use tools and technology to keep operations transparent to customers and flexible to meet changing production needs.


Whether through emails, direct mail, or other forms of advertising, marketing is important for growing your ecommerce business. For new ideas to boost your marketing initiatives, check out the marketing tips in our blog.

Customer Service Staffing

For customer service positions, your staff can be a defining factor in the customer experience your business is known for. Give your staff the authority and flexibility to come up with novel solutions that satisfy customers, then grow the team by looking for candidates who can use their creativity and customer-empathy to make the most of that flexible environment.