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A Guide To Eco-Friendly Shipping Methods

September 8, 2021 Published by

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As Ecommerce continues to grow in popularity, it is increasingly impacting the environment. Accordingly, many businesses are now making a conscious effort to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations. One of the biggest ways Ecommerce businesses can make a positive impact is by introducing green shipping options to their fulfillment process.

Statistics point to the possibility that shipping emissions could account for 17 percent of all global CO2 emissions in 2050, which doesn’t even factor in the carbon costs of packaging. Explore our guide to eco-friendly shipping methods to find out ways to stay green while fulfilling orders.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

An easy way to cut down on your shipping emissions is by using eco-friendly packaging materials. Today, there are many options from air pillows to mushroom packaging. For example, “air pillows” are great at filling up empty space and providing cushioning while using fewer materials. Some are even biodegradable, which makes them even more sustainable. Seek out ways to use recycled, biodegradable materials whenever feasible.

Offer A Green Shipping Option

With the popularity of fast shipping brought on by Ecommerce giants like Amazon, customers have become accustomed to expecting two-day deliveries when shopping online. Even when they have an option to wait longer and have their order packaged sustainably, many customers don’t choose it. Though less sustainable shipping methods may be more convenient, they negatively impact the environment with the increased volume of shipping materials and the fuel used by trucks for fast deliveries.

Implement Shipping Software for Efficiency

Shipping software can not only be sustainable, but it can also help save your business money. You can use shipping software to create custom packaging settings for each of the products you sell. By doing this, you will get the exact packaging dimensions and weights for your product every time and cut down on packaging materials used.

Use Eco-Friendly Carriers

The USPS, FedEx, and UPS all have eco-friendly shipping programs you can participate in. They offer everything from paperless invoicing and tracking to recycled shipping boxes and mailers.

Green Is Smart

Not only is going green in your shipping methods responsible, it helps to build your brand and save you money. In fact, a study by Toluna, a consumer intelligence provider, shows that more than half of online shoppers would pay at least 5% higher prices for environmentally friendly products. Consider using a 3PL like Fulfillment Works to help establish your sustainable shipping today. We have the skilled staff, technology and experience to help you meet your fulfillment goals while staying green.