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5 Packaging Tips for Influencer Gifting

October 16, 2019 Published by

Launching a new product, or just want to get an existing one the street cred it deserves? Influencer gifting is an effective way to get your products noticed.

When gifting influencers, you’re essentially giving them a free product they can sample and, if all goes well, tell their followers about. And it works. In fact, consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they feel confident about an influencer’s recommendation, with about three-quarters of them trusting opinions they find on social media from friends, families and influencers.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck for influencer marketing, YouTubers should be at the top of your list. Unboxing videos, which are especially popular, are a perfect match for brands and influencers.

Unboxing the Backstory

Unboxing videos began to pop up on to the YouTube scene about 10 years ago and were particularly popular with the tech and gamer crowd. The unboxing concept was–and still is, pretty simple: someone buys a product and tapes themselves opening the package with an accompanying play-by-play. This includes commentary about the packaging, instructions, first impressions, and sampling. While unboxing videos were once driven by products such as phones, tablets and gaming consoles, you’ll now find just as many for beauty products, toys and subscription boxes with new items in every delivery.

For brands, being the subject of an unboxing video can yield great benefits. For one, it means someone is talking about your brand and products–and people are watching. And secondly, unboxing reviews play an important role in consumers’ pre-purchase online research.

The goal with your influencer gift is not just to provide influencers with a great product, but a package they will “o-o-h” and “a-h-h” over. Presentation matters, especially in a visual format like video. Here are some tips to transform your influencer gift into an unforgettable unboxing experience:

Tips to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

1. Be on-trend. Reusable, recycled, transparent, minimalist… whatever you choose, whether it’s a box or a poly mailer, make sure your packaging is what’s happening now. Being creative will go a long way in capturing your receiver’s attention.

2. Don’t be wasteful. No influencer has ever opened a huge corrugated cardboard box, pulled out a lipstick encased in bubble wrap and tissue paper and thought: brilliant! You’ll likely be chastised for your irresponsible packaging. Reducing packaging also means you’ll be saving money on materials and shipping while being good to the environment.

3. Personalize it. Do some research on your target influencers. Watch their videos and include something in their box that lets them know you’ve been paying attention. A bandana for their dog that often makes a cameo appearance in their videos, maybe? And if your product is makeup or fashion apparel, make sure to send the right shade or size.

4. Be strategic. Don’t just randomly toss items into a box. Consider how the package will be opened and place items purposefully in the order you want them revealed. Think of the end video and script your box exactly how you want it to play out. Use partitions, dividers and die cut inserts to create a crafty presentation.

5. Brand it. Remember why you’re sending influencer product gifts in the first place. Make sure your logo is front and center on your packaging. Try to use materials like Excelsior or air pillows in your brand’s colors and use branded stickers to hold tissue paper together. Your packaging should be consistent with all your marketing efforts and be 100 percent on-brand.

Not only can customizing and optimizing your packaging improve the perception of your brand, it can also save you money on shipping costs. So go ahead and gift an influencer—and follow our tips to make sure it’s a worthy experience they’ll want to share with their followers.