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4 Tips to Improve your Returns Process

March 25, 2015 Published by

As we’ve mentioned before, a simple and smooth returns process is an important factor in the success of ecommerce businesses. Not only is it a great way to emphasize your commitment to customer service, but it will also favorably increase brand perception and customer trust. By easily accepting returns, you’re showing customers that you stand behind your products and that you’re willing to fix any issues that cause returns. To those ends, here are some tips for improving your returns process. [more]

Prioritize returns

Returns aren’t just a hassle for you – they’re a hassle for the customer as well. Strive for a seven-day turnaround time (at most) for returns to stay in customers’ good graces.


Many customers claim that complications with return policies make them disinterested from shopping online. If you can streamline your return process into something hassle-free for customers – you can use that as a selling point to increase your sales. Test whether your returns process still works without the typical hang-up, like requiring receipts, offering only store credit or exchanges, iron-clad cutoff dates, and only accepting mint-condition returns.

Follow up

Keep your customers in the loop with automated emails at each noteworthy step of the process. This not only keeps customers informed, but it’s a marketing opportunity too; you can use these emails to include alternate product suggestions.

Recoup costs

Setting up your returns process to focus on customer service is not without costs. But, you may be able to hold periodic “return sales” to recoup costs. Amazon’s Warehouse Deals are a perfect example of this. Mark down items and/or refurbish them, and you’ll be able to sell off what would otherwise be unwanted merchandise.