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4 Tips to Curtail Cart Abandonment

July 17, 2013 Published by

Cart abandonment is one of the most common ways ecommerce sites lose sales. It’s a ubiquitous problem that happens to even the best sites, but there are tweaks you can make to your website’s checkout process to reduce cart abandonment. [more]

Essentially, the name of the game when it comes to reducing cart abandonment is simplicity. Customers often quit when an element of the checkout process is either annoying or frustrating. If you can speed them through checkout with simple steps, customers will be less likely to abandon their carts. Keep these following ideas in mind, and you may find yourself keeping more customers:

Form structure – As an ecommerce business, collecting information about your customers is incredibly important for marketing purposes. However, customers hate taking the time to submit it. If your checkout process uses any information forms, keep them as short as possible. Try collecting the minimum of an email address, name, and a password to set up an account. If you want more information about your customers, you can follow up via an incentivized email survey or similar strategy.

Automated features – Automation is one of the best ways to keep your checkout process fast and easy. Look for places where you can implement automation – such as using a postal code lookup tool, copying the billing address information into the delivery information field, or remembering payment information and preferences.

Checkout stability – If your checkout process crashes, it’s going to cost you sales. Make sure to test it thoroughly and account for potential customer actions, like using the browser’s back button.

Payment options – By including multiple payment options, you can cater to your customers’ preferences while speeding up checkout even more. Some options to consider include PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, and Bitcoin.