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4 Tips for Better Email Marketing

January 30, 2013 Published by

When running an ecommerce business, email marketing is one of your most powerful tools to get your products in front of customers and convince them to buy. Using email leads effectively can be challenging. Once you have a strategy established, here are four tips you can use to write and design better emails for your ecommerce business. [more]

Write punchy subject lines: Your communication with a customer begins before they ever open your email. If the subject line of your email isn’t compelling, your email will get deleted without ever being opened. Make your subject lines concise (which will also keep them from being truncated), intriguing, and to-the-point.

Don’t depend on images: Images are a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your email, but they should not act as the only way your message and/or call to action is conveyed. Most users have images disabled by default in their email accounts. If your marketing message only makes sense when the images are visible, then these readers are missing out.

Pace your content: Unless you’re emailing a newsletter, your email message shouldn’t look like a wall of text. Break up all of your written information with subheads, images, video links, calls-to-action, etc. If you pace the messaging and mix up your content types, you’ll make your email more accessible to your readers.

Don’t forget mobile: The number of users who check their email with a mobile device continues to grow at a rapid pace. If your email doesn’t display correctly on mobile devices, you’re creating a hassle for a large amount of your user base. Design your emails for mobile by adjusting the dimensions, decreasing the file sizes, making sure any images will display correctly, and keeping the amount of copy limited.

The essential things you need to remember when creating marketing emails are to communicate concisely and clearly. You also need to design your emails to make them easy to read on any device. If your design and content are carefully considered, your emails should have maximum impact.