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4 Features Your Ecommerce Site Needs

January 14, 2015 Published by

Pleasing your ecommerce customers and maintaining a competitive edge will be important to your success in 2015. It will help if your website has features that are meant to make shopping there as easy as possible.  [more] To boost your ecommerce site’s user experience, here are five features you should have:

Optimized Onsite Search

If users can’t find what they need through your onsite search, they’re more likely to leave without buying – so make sure it’s working correctly. Part of that is making sure you watch your customers’ top searches and use this information to make results more accurate.

Peer Product Reviews

Today’s consumers are savvy enough to research products online before buying them – many even start their searches with “[product name] reviews.” By supporting product reviews on your website, you can attract these types of consumers. As an added benefit, well-rated or reviewed products are prime subjects for promotional and marketing materials.

Subscription Services

If your ecommerce site sells consumable products, a subscription program can be a great way to generate a solid base of returning customers. Make sure that your subscription program gives customers a strong incentive, as well as control over when they will receive shipments.

Responsive Design

The number of ecommerce purchases coming from mobile devices is going to keep increasing. Since mobile web browsing is often a cumbersome experience, mobile users are more likely to bounce off of your site if it’s not designed with mobile in mind. To keep mobile customers from bouncing off of your site or abandoning their carts, make sure that your website has a Responsive design.