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3 Tips for Maintaining an Edge in Ecommerce

May 1, 2013 Published by

Whether your ecommerce site is about to launch, or has been online for several years you know that pleasing your customers and maintaining a competitive edge are important to success. Of course, there are countless ways to do these things – some of which work better for certain companies, and not so much for others. [more]

However, there are three essential elements that any ecommerce business can employ to stay competitive. And they all reflect the basic tenants of the industry:

Website performance: The reason why the ecommerce industry has exploded over the last decade is the combination of convenience and speed that it offers consumers. Therefore, your website needs to be as fast and convenient as possible. Consider the layout and the ease with which consumers can find the products they want. Make sure the site is free of bugs and loads pages quickly – especially during spikes in traffic. Test how well your site performs on mobile devices. These are just a few examples of areas where you can focus on website performance.

Extra features vs. price: It’s becoming easier everyday for consumers to pull up a list of prices for a product and compare competing ecommerce sites. Unfortunately, you can’t always have the lowest price. But you can still entice customers by offering other features on your site, such as a simple return policy, consumer reviews, product guarantees, and more.

Straightforward Shipping: For lots of online customers, shipping charges can make or break a purchase. Many ecommerce sites notice a huge bounce rate once a customer begins the checkout process and sees the shipping calculations. Your site can avoid this by being upfront with shipping charges, using flat-rate shipping for all of your products, or by offering shipping discounts with certain orders. All of the above tips incorporate some combination of speed and convenience. Remember that emphasizing those features/benefits on your website is an important part of staying successful.