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3 Tips for Improving Warehouse Efficiency

January 17, 2018 Published by

Efficiency is a crucial element for success in the warehouse or distribution center. Previously, we focused on ways to utilize warehouse space more efficiently. In this blog post, we’ll go over 3 fundamental tips for more efficient fulfillment operations and inventory management processes.

Optimized slotting

A laissez-faire approach to slotting is detrimental to overall throughput and efficient space utilization. You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule: 20% of your SKUs usually account for 80% of your sales. Those top-performing SKUs should be slotted in a layout that 1) reduces the frequency and urgency of replenishment trips by providing sufficient space for extra stock, and 2) allows pickers to quickly and easily access them. Be sure to periodically review your slotting assignments to account for changes in customer demand (especially for seasonal items).

Faster intra-warehouse transit

Aside from changing the layout and slotting assignments, consider investing in equipment that will minimize the travel time for stock and staff within the warehouse. For example, conveyor systems can improve efficiency by reducing product handling and walking distance.


In kit assembly, or “kitting,” you take individual items from your inventory and bundle them together as a unique SKU. The kits are then ready-to-ship when orders are placed – saving more time compared to picking each of the products at the time of order.