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3 Tenants of Mobile App Design

August 12, 2015 Published by

A great way to expand your base of mobile customers is to develop a mobile app that enhances the experience of your online store. But of course, this is not without its challenges. Basically, there are three concepts that every successful ecommerce app boils down to. If you address each one as you build an app for your store, you’ll be well-equipped to increase your mobile sales. [more]


If your app doesn’t have any unique features, users will question why it should take up space on their device when they can simply visit your mobile site. Features and functionality that users won’t be able to find elsewhere is part of every ecommerce apps’ selling points. One idea is to offer users consistent deal alerts, content, or rewards that are only available through your app. This can increase your number of early adopters and encourage them to continue using the app.


Of course, aesthetics and functionality are important. But, you need to make sure this translates across the ever-growing spectrum of mobile devices. Ensure your design is responsive and works across operating systems and device types. Additionally, make sure your mobile support is able to address design errors and troubleshooting. This ensures that you’ll be able to use their feedback to improve the app and keep review scores high.


One of the things that makes mobile so appealing is speed. The slower your app runs, the less likely users are to complete a purchase. Developers have different ways to address this, but one idea is to use intelligent data distribution so that the app only sends only data that’s changed on your site (e.g. prices or stock changes). Since the app doesn’t need to send and receive as much data, it works faster.