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3 Cosmetics Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions

December 4, 2019 Published by

Nothing kills a customer experience like opening a new package to find a crushed eyeshadow or a lip gloss that has leaked all over the inside of its carton. Cosmetics require more thought when it comes to packaging and shipping than many other product types.

Here are the Top 3 cosmetic supply chain challenges–and solutions for your brand to consider:

1. Temperature Control and Proper Storage

The risk of spoilage is a huge cosmetic supply chain challenge. The solution is proper temperature and handling from manufacturing through fulfillment center to delivery.

Cosmetics can easily melt or separate if they are kept at extreme or fluctuating temperatures, creating potential customer service issues after delivery. It’s essential that cosmetics are delivered in pristine condition not only for buyer perception, but to maintain product efficacy. After all, a lotion or serum’s formula could be compromised by incorrect temperature and impact its potential results for your users. Without those results, you are likely to receive poor reviews and lose customers. Make sure to assess fulfillment partners for how they address these cosmetic storage considerations.

It’s also important to keep in mind that items can be exposed to extreme temperatures while in transit. Susceptible items include nail polishes, fragrances and other products packaged in glass bottles, as well as cleansers and creams packaged in soft plastic containers, which can spill or leak.

If you sell cosmetic products that are heat or cold sensitive, encourage your customers to opt for expedited shipping or overnight delivery to limit post-warehouse temperature exposure.

2. Packaging and Presentation Impact User Impressions

Presentation is the cornerstone of every aspect of the beauty industry. The customer’s experience must visually fulfill on your brand’s promise. Therefore, the packages your customers receive have to elicit a great impression every time. Exterior and interior packaging should align with your brand, and products should be secure in transit to avoid spills, breakage and other damage that will render the product defective or unusable. At minimum, cartons should contain the necessary fillers to prevent damage in transit. What kinds of solutions for this cosmetic supply chain challenge does your fulfillment partner offer? Consider your options for optimized shipping and packaging.

3. Speed and Reliability

For many buyers, cosmetics are an everyday use product. Rapid and accurate delivery is essential to buyer satisfaction. That means your ultimate cosmetic supply chain challenge is to ensure that the right products get into the package and arrive on time. Delays caused by mistakes in order packing and fulfillment can greatly inconvenience and upset the buyer on the other end. The costs for those mistakes can be both immediate (for redos) and long term (with loss of trust and future sales). As you select a fulfillment partner, it’s essential to evaluate how they ensure accuracy.

Cosmetics pose a range of supply chain challenges you should plan for and safeguard against to delight your customers and protect your business investments to maximize ROI. Fulfillment Works provides warehousing services out of our FDA-registered, climate-controlled, state-of-the-art managed warehouse facilities. We guarantee that your health and beauty products are stored securely in our warehouse spaces and handled efficiently throughout every phase of the fulfillment process.