Will Same-Day Delivery ever be Standard?

The main advantage that brick-and-mortar stores have over ecommerce is that the customer receives their purchase immediately – there’s no waiting on shipping. This may soon be a thing of the past. New ways of thinking about logistics, technological advances (i.e. drones), and efforts from startups (e.g. Instacart or Postmates) and major companies (e.g. Amazon) alike could someday soon normalize next-day or same-day delivery.  More...

Why Cheap International Shipping is Important

Nothing kills an ecommerce sale faster high shipping costs. Consumer research studies have proven time and again that, when given a choice, customers will most likely choose cost over convenience and choose a shipping option or e-tailer that offers cheaper (if slower) shipping. This is true for customers all over the world – and since international shipping tends to be more expensive than domestic shipping, it can make it difficult to start shipping your products internationally and see success. More...

There’s an Upside to Dimensional Weight Pricing

When carriers announced their switch to dimensional weight pricing, there was a near panic in the ecommerce industry, since many e-tailers were facing increased shipping costs with the change. But in the long run, there is an upside to dimensional weight pricing: the revamping of your logistics program.

If you want to successfully transfer to DIM pricing, you’ll need to upgrade your logistics operations. Though changes can be difficult in the early stages, it’s a chance to optimize operations, strengthen carrier relationships, please your customers, and become a more efficient, eco-friendly e-tailer.

For starters, to keep your shipping rates from increasing, you’ll need to reevaluate your packaging for efficiency. Where necessary, use smaller boxes and optimize your dunnage. But while doing this, don’t forget about your customers and the unboxing experience you want to give them. Opening your product is the last impression a customer has of you until their next order, so think about what personalization or package designs work best.
The switch to DIM pricing is also the perfect opportunity to evaluate your carrier contract. Can you to negotiate a higher DIM divisor, bulk discount, or other mutually beneficial arrangement? Remember, not everyone can negotiate with carriers effectively on their own – but your 3PL provider should. At Fulfillment Works, we offer the most aggressive pricing every day and we regularly, relentlessly negotiate with all our suppliers and pass the discounts on to you.

The Benefits of a Customer-Friendly Returns Process

A tedious, red tape-covered returns process can scare off potential new customers, and turn into a nightmare for customers who have a return issue. Streamlining returns will do wonders for your reputation and build customer trust. If you can turn your returns process into something hassle-free for customers – you can use that as a selling point to increase your sales. Simplified returns show customers that you stand behind your products and that you’re willing to fix any issues that cause returns. More...